What Problems Should Be Paid Attention To in The Deep Hole Processing Construction Process?

Deep hole processing is the technicality of producing holes with a length and diameter occupancy ratio of 6 or more. In the whole process of deep hole processing, what are the difficulties that construction personnel should avoid? During deep hole processing, the boring tool is limited by the diameter. The diameter is small and the length is large. Therefore, the tensile strength is low and the bending rigidity is poor. The wave shape, vibration and smoothness are prone to appear during drilling, which damages the flatness and flatness of the deep hole. Surface roughness, it is the difficulty that must be paid attention to in deep hole processing.
Refrigeration lubricant must be used in the whole process of opening and drilling. However, without the use of distinctive machinery and equipment, the refrigeration lubricant cannot enter the drilling area, which will lead to the wear resistance of CNC tools. If it is lowered, there will be hardships in milling, which is also a difficulty that the production and processing workers must avoid.
In the whole process of deep hole processing, employees cannot see the situation of CNC tool drilling, only the sound from drilling based on work experience, the appearance of drilling, the vibration of hand touch and the temperature of the product and the temperature of the product, and the inspection of the instrument in the car. The pressure gauge and electric meter on the disk can distinguish whether everything is normal during the whole drilling process.  (Feb 28,2022) 


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