Type I- Solid Deep Hole Drills-Cartridge type

  •    Internal chip removal deep hole drill
  •    Drill range : Φ49.50~Φ64.50
  •    Guide pads and sub pads are available for choice
  •    Peripheral inserts, central inserts and intermediate inserts are available 
  •    Carbide inserts are available in three grades and coatings for various cutting applications

Indexable Deep Hole Drills

Drill Diameter P-Cartridge I- Cartridge C-Cartridge P-Insert I-Insert C-Insert Guide-Pad
JΦ49.50DZ-JΦ52.50DZ DZP11 DZM08 DZC10 P11T308-G I08T308-G C12T308-G DQ10LH
JΦ52.51DZ-JΦ54.90DZ   DZP11  DZM08 DZC12 P11T308-G  I08T308-G  C12T308-G  DQ10LH
JΦ54.91DZ-JΦ58.30DZ DZP11 DZM12 DZC10  P11T308-G  I12T308-G  C10T308-G  DQ10LH
JΦ58.31DZ-JΦ64.50DZ DZP11 DZM12 DZC12  P11T308-G  I12T308-G  C12T308-G  DQ10LH

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