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Indexable Carbide Milling  Inserts  

SMT specializes in offering our manufacturing based customers with our high feed and high-performance indexable carbide milling inserts for a broad range of milling operations. 
SMT commitment is to only provide high precision ground carbide milling inserts for the industries of automotive, die and mould and gear machining. 

  SMT main grades are below:

       SM 3021,  PVD coated with TIALN, high strength and high compact    strength, suitable for the semi-finishing and roughing of refractory steels,manganese steels and stainless steel with small feed rate.
       SM 1521, PVD coated with TiALN, good red hardness as well as high strength and high compact strength,suitable for the semi-finishing and finishing of refractory steel,manganese steel,austenitic stainless steel,also used for the machining of cast   iron.
       SP 4021,  PVD coated with TiALN , good red hardness with high impact strength and excellent hot shock-resistance, suitable for the  roughing and heavy-duty turning of steels and cast steel.

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